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PUSH! Publication publishes original light novels, visual novels, manga, and artbooks in English. We are committed to producing top-quality content for our audience, and promise to always do so.


PUSH! Publication概要

PUSH! Publication(プッシュパブリケーション)は、日本語や英語で書かれたオリジナルのライトノベル及び漫画、アート本を制作している出版社です。読者の皆様にとって最高品質の作品となるよう、社員一同、日々邁進していく所存でございます。


Push Publicationでは、海外で経験を積むことを希望する作家様を募集しております。 弊社が築き上げたプラットフォームを通じ、作家様の芸術作品や芸術的才能を全世界に英語で発信することで、世界中に潜在的に存在する何百万もの新規のファン獲得をサポートいたします。 また、弊社では独自の運営方法を用いており、多くの日本の出版社にあるようなノルマ方式ではなく、作家様と出版社がより柔軟かつ、効率的に創作活動を行うことのできる方法を採用しております。 作品は最終的に英語で出版されますが、ほぼ全ての業務が日本語で行われるので、英語に苦手意識のある作家様でも全く問題はありません。 弊社の活動に興味をお持ちであったり、持ち込みたい作品等がございましたら、下記のメールアドレスにまでお気軽にご連絡いただきますよう宜しくお願い致します。 <お問い合わせ先>


オリジナル作品だけでなく、弊社は個人またはグループで活動されている作家様の海外進出のお手伝いさせていただいております。 既に制作済みの日本語作品を英語に翻訳することで、海外へと活動の幅を広げたいとお考えの作家様は、同じく下記のメールアドレスまでご連絡いただけますようお願い申し上げます。 <お問い合わせ先>




弊社は作家様の自由な感性と創造力をより成長させる場を提供することをお約束いたします。弊社では作家様ご自身の成長を重要視しておりますので、18禁版であろうと、全年齢対象の同人誌であろうと、作家様のサポートを行います。同人誌のような二次創作作品の制作サポートをご希望される作家様は、お気軽に下記メールアドレスまでご連絡ください。(作品によっては弊社の方から、作家様と弊社での共同企画をお願いする機会もございます。) さらに詳しくお話を聞きたい方は、同じく下記のメールアドレスまでお問い合わせください。 <入社をご希望される方、さらに詳しい話を聞きたい方はこちら> ※下記のお問い合わせ先は上記のメールアドレスとは異なるので、お気をつけください。

When Days Rewind Vol 1 Cover
Original Light Novel

When Days Rewind Vol 1

An original English light novel about romance, friendship, and NTR.

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When Days Rewind Vol 2 Cover
Original Light Novel

When Days Rewind Vol 2

The highly anticipated series is back for another installment, which promises more hardcore NTR action!

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Love, Tears & Sand Cover
Original Light Novel

Love, Tears & Sand

A yuri light novel about two young women overcoming their fears and struggles, hoping to find true happiness in a tropical paradise.

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When Days Rewind Special: Senji's School Trip Doujin Cover
Original Dōjinshi

When Days Rewind Special: Senji's School Trip

When Days Rewind series is back with a special installment: its first, highly-requested, official Dōjinshi!

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Noble Love Cover
Original Light Novel

Noble Love

A Samurai-themed hentai light novel from PUSH!, chronicling the epic love story of two prodigal samurai: Aoi & Sakura.

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When Days Rewind Vol 3 Cover
Original Light Novel

When Days Rewind Vol 3

Yurika has found out Sachi’s dirty secret - the hard way. Sachi now has family problems to deal with, while Jun plunges deeper into his secret relationship with Senji. How long will it be before Satoshi finds out?

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Space Commander Eliza Cover
Original Light Novel

Space Commander Eliza

A cold war continues between two human factions: the democratic United Earth and the all-female Principality of Zeldar. The war is now a battle of wills as two vicious commanders struggle to overcome the other - but the price for Eliza may be more than she ever imagined...

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Break! The Rematch Part 1 Cover
Original Visual Novel

Break! The Rematch Part 1

Playing as the main character, you will be conquering each of these beautiful girls from their respective clubs. Get to indulge yourself with the girls on dark theme play from Blackmail to sex slave. Your ultimate Highschool Sex Fantasy!

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Breathe New Life Cover
Original Doujin

Breathe New Life

Nathan and Naoko started dating. Nathan loves the cafe. The coffee aroma, the light rays from the window, and the best part is, there’s not many people that know they serve the best coffee here. While waiting for his coffee, Nathan wonders if he could go further with Naoko, this whole week, Nathan has been walking Naoko home from work as a 'date', nothing more, nothing else. Now he wants to know Naoko better.

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Novel Love 2 Cover
Original Light Novel

Noble Love 2

Sakura and Aoi’s first official mission was cut short by an act of terrorism when the Shogun’s daughter was kidnapped. And the culprit was none other than Kiku, Sakura’s older sister, who had supposedly died years ago. With the pressure of a civil war on the horizon, a secret of their own folly comes closer to being revealed, and the consequences that follow are the most severe. The lines are drawn. What is worth fighting for? Can they defeat Kiku? Who is friend or foe? And how far will Aoi and Sakura go for their mutual love?

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Project Linda Cover
Original Doujin Collection

Project Linda Official English Localization

Legendary artist LINDA who is well known for his NTR works collaborating with PUSH! to localize his original doujins for the western audience. Brand new title "White Secret" also comes with this release!

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